How to Apply or Renew Health Certificate in Kuwait

As everyone would expect, getting a health certificate in Kuwait, or anywhere in the world for that matter, is a very important thing for employment and other businesses.

However, as an expat in Kuwait, requesting for a health certificate is not as simple as most of you would imagine. There are certain requirements and necessary procedures that you need to follow in order to successfully obtain one in Kuwait. Here’s how:

Applying for a Health Certificate or Renewing a Health Certificate in Kuwait


  • Your original and a copy of your valid passport
  • A photocopy of your workplace’s health license
  • A copy of the signed authorization of the owner of the establishment/company you work for
  • One (1) copy of your recent photograph
  • Your Civil ID and a photocopy (if you are a citizen of Kuwait or any of the GCC member states)


  1. Go to the Municipality Governorate Office dedicated for this service known as Permits for Municipal Services Division OR Health Certificate Section OR Permits for Municipal Services Inspection, and provide the above listed requirements.
  2. Provide a letter of request to the officer assigned at the department/section handling this service for review and approval.
  3. Settle the fees at the Municipality cashier or payment counter:
  • Renewal Fees: KD 5
  • Issuance Fees: KD 10
  • Replacement Fees for Lost/Damaged Documents: KD 10
  1. Fill out the needed medical check-up application form to be provided by the officer-in-charge at the section concerned.
  2. Go through the medical check-up. Once done, collect the check-up results from the Ministry of Health where your health certificate record will be updated and authorized by the officer-in-charge at the department or section concerned.

As you’ve noticed, the process of getting a health certificate for employment or for other reasons goes through the Government’s system via the Ministry of Health. Therefore, to ensure a hassle-free application, be sure to provide all the necessary documents required by the Section responsible for this service.

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