Kuwait Yoga Meet 2018 on May 11

The biggest yoga event of the year in Kuwait is about to take place at the LOYAC HQ in Qibla on May 11. Through the initiative of LOYAC, a non-profit organization committed to the overall development of the youth in Kuwait, and in partnership with Seva Darshan Kuwait and the Kuwait Yoga Meet Team, and the LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA), this whole day event that is open to all citizens of Kuwait has been made possible.

The organizers’ vision for this “mega” event is to impart the discipline that comes with practicing yoga. Originating from India, yoga is not just practiced by people from all over the world for its health benefits, yoga also reflects India’s rich cultural heritage as well as a “spiritually sound” lifestyle that has been adopted by varied people from all over the world.

Kuwait Yoga Meet 2018 “All Set” on May 11

According to Roopesh Raveendran, the Kuwait Yoga Meet Coordinator, the whole day event will begin from 7 am up until 9 pm, and will showcase a number of meditation and yoga workshops conducted by experts here and abroad, and will be capped off with an India-Kuwait cultural programme. One of the highlights of this event will be the workshop to be personally conducted by Brahmachari Amit, renowned yoga and meditation guru, as well as the chief yoga trainer of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM), an international charitable group dedicated to the material and spiritual development of humankind.

The said event will be graced by the Indian ambassador in Kuwait and is open to all Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaiti citizens according to Raveendran. Yogis in Kuwait such as Ms. Seham Allasaf, Camilla Rawan Alawnah, Fatima Arikat, and Nawaf Mazaj, together with Mr. Reece will conduct separate workshops that are limited to pre-registered members. The Kuwait Yoga Meet 2018 is sponsored by AMMA Kuwait, Art of Living, Heartfulness, Mind Me Campaign, P5M, and Talabat.

LOYAC has been committed in organizing this event every two years in celebration of Kuwait’s Liberation and National days. According to Raveendran, this major event aims to share India’s rich cultural heritage with the youth and children of Kuwait in the form of music and art.

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