How to Apply for a Medical Treatment Visit Visa in Kuwait

There are various reasons why people fly out to other countries. Besides travel, work, studies, and migration, another common reason why people go overseas is to seek medical help. However, there are certain things that you will need to consider first in order to qualify for this kind of special entry in a country such as Kuwait.

Since getting medical insurance has been part of the requirements for expats to remain here in the country, it would be wise to check if your insurance coverage can be extended to family or relatives who may need medical assistance if your plan provides this kind of service. If you fit this situation, it would be helpful to know the government-mandated procedures in getting a special type of visa for people who may need medical treatment in Kuwait. Here’s how:

Applying for a Medical Treatment Visit Visa in Kuwait

The Ministry of Interior has provided a certain set of requirements and steps to allow an individual (sponsor) to apply for medical treatment visit visa for a relative or family living overseas.


  • A copy of the sponsor’s valid Civil ID card
  • A copy of the patient’s (visitor) valid passport
  • A letter of approval on medical treatment to be provided by a hospital in Kuwait as sanctioned by the Ministry of Health


  1. The sponsor should go to the General Department of Immigration and submit all the required documents.
  2. Fill out the service application form (for medical treatment visa application) available on-site.
  3. Settle the fixed service fee of KD 3.00.


There may be other special requirements from the hospital in Kuwait to which the patient will be referred to besides the insurance coverage which you need to clarify with your provider first. Also, be mindful of the documents (i.e. proof of financial capacity and other legal documents) that you may need to provide the authorities, being the sponsor of the patient flying to Kuwait for medical treatment. You may also have to consult with your Kuwaiti sponsor regarding this process as they may be able to represent you in verifying the necessity of the visa application for the patient or relative requiring medical treatment here in Kuwait.

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