An Insight into Nightlife in Kuwait

When people think of Islamic nations such as Kuwait, words such as “strict” and “conservative” quickly come to mind. While there is certainly some basis behind those, it’s not easy to equate words like “strict” and “conservative” to “dull” and “boring” when describing Kuwait’s night scene.

Since Kuwait is considered as one of the top destinations for expats when it comes to work or business, the country has become a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities coexisting out of respect towards everyone and their host country. However, this does not mean that Kuwait’s identity as a nation has been muddled or compromised by multiculturalism. For one, entertainment in this country still follows Islamic laws and tradition. If you’d like to experience what nightlife is like in Kuwait, then here’s a preview:

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What Kuwait’s Nightlife is All About

To start off, nightlife here in Kuwait isn’t about nightclubs as some would hope it would be. The fact that liquor and alcoholic drinks are strictly a no-go could even make some folks outright look away, but there are other great ways to have fun such as smoking with hubble-bubble (a fruity-syrupy mixture of lemon water on a bowl) over fruity liquor-less cocktails in bars. If anything, it’s a totally new experience that’s worth a shot.

Other ways to enjoy the night include shopping at malls or going for an evening stroll along moonlit shores. There’s also the option to dine out at restaurants, but don’t stay out later than 10 pm, especially the ladies, if without any company. It also goes without saying that proper dress code is expected so as not to solicit unwarranted attention.

Depending on the time of the visit, tourists can get to watch locals go at it in a car race in Jahra Road. Some can even go camping or join desert tent gatherings with the locals.

There are many events going on in commercial establishments such as hotels, music lounges, and club parties at night so you won’t miss out on any of the fun – just look for timely promotions and you’ll be fine.

Clubbing / Night Bars

In general, there are no authorized night clubs in the country, but there’s plenty of quality live entertainment offered by some of the popular hotels and fine-dining restaurants here in Kuwait. Alternatively, formal house parties are a popular thing among expats where they get to dress up, socialize and have a good time with friends. Discos are kept very low-key, if, virtually non-existent.

The closest thing to a night club in Kuwait is The Hard Rock Café in Marina Complex right along the famous Arabian Gulf Street. Expect great live music and a positively intense crowd seven days a week from as early as 11 am up to 12 midnight.

Otherwise, take it down a little and conveniently enjoy small talks over coffee with a couple of friends at any Starbucks joint near your area.

Hotel Restaurants Offering Live Entertainment

Most of the large hotel chains in the city offer some kind of in-house live entertainment in the form of live music, bands, lounge performances and the like. Among the list is the Lebanese restaurant, Le Tarbouche, which is housed in Sheraton Kuwait Hotel. Imagine live music enjoyed with an overlooking view of the city coupled with a sumptuous dinner. Sounds like a perfect evening, doesn’t it?

Another great place is the Al Ahmadi at Crowne Plaza Hotel. The restaurant is famous for serving an international cuisine with live music playing in the background. They also hold the Friday Fun Food Festival with a sumptuous buffet spread that will not disappoint as well as games to keep the kids preoccupied.

Non-hotel Restaurants Offering Live Music Performances  

If you happen to be along the Arabian Gulf Street, be sure to visit Johnny Carino’s Italian Kitchen. It certainly has made a name for itself among tourists and locals as the place to-be for great pasta and live music.

If you go further along Arabian Gulf Street, you will come across something more upscale – the Le Notre, a fancy Arabian restaurant that is open to customers until late.

GameWorks in Kuwait is a great place to go to if you’re all about dancing the night away to great music served up by some of the city’s popular club DJs.

But if you like to keep it chill and low-key, you can ask the hotel concierge or taxi drivers where you can visit a popular Shisha bar in the city.


Kuwait definitely has its own kind of nightlife that is quite different in comparison to Western countries. This, however, does not mean that you can’t have a good time exploring the city and its unique entertainment offerings. Just keep an open eye and an open mind to new experiences. That way, you can make the most of your stay in the city.

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