Ministry of Education to Review certificates of All Kuwaitis and Expats

The first report released by the Coordination Committee involving all ministries and government agencies which aims to study and examine the educational certificates of all citizens reveals the decision for the Ministry of Higher Education to verify the ‘accreditation’ of all certificates of citizens and residents of Kuwait, as shared in a report by the Arab Times.

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The decision to review the accreditation of educational certificates of both public and private employees, citizen and expat, is due to the fact that there have been prior incidences of fake documents used by underqualified individuals to join Kuwait’s labour force.

Ministry of Education to Review certificates of All Kuwaitis and Expats

MOE to verify all Certificates of Kuwaitis and Expats Alike

As this does not help improve the country’s quality of workforce and other than the fact that it’s illegal, the Kuwaiti government has carried out steps to address the issue in line with its goals of sorting job posts in both the public and private sectors, and providing more jobs to Kuwaitis.

According to the Committee report, the ministry will determine the priority for the review based on results of the audit provided by the ministries and government agencies.

The Ministry of Higher Education shall be responsible in following up the number of Kuwaiti students on the list and their governing ministries, coordinating with cultural offices abroad and providing them with periodic updates on this matter.

To this, the Ministry of Education has accepted the task to review the files of some 460 expatriates and GCC teachers prior to signing contracts with them as per the request of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Despite the announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the circulation of fake certificates in the Gulf State, a number of suspicious offices still offer such certificates on sale for low prices and shorter processing times.

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