How to Get a PO Box Number in Kuwait

State-owned Kuwait Post provides mail service for all locations in the Gulf State. Residents can get a PO Box number in Kuwait —which allows them to receive both domestic and international mail—at any of the designated Post Offices across the country. They can do so by renting the number from Kuwait Post, which also provides a range of other services.

A royal decree in the nation of Kuwait began postal services in 1775. Citizens brought their letters to Al-Diwaniyah and received them in special bags to transport more mail to Basra. The messages addressed to the city of Aleppo were sent through the desert via the hagana in a period of fourteen to twenty days, and parcels and shipments were sent by the people to ship captains and travelers.

How to Get a POX Box Number in Kuwait

Guide to Applying for a PO Box Number in Kuwait

The Kuwait Post Office provides mail service for any address in Kuwait. Residents can receive mail at a PO Box, which allows them to receive both domestic and international mail at their Kuwait location. They can purchase a PO Box at any Post Office across the country.

The postal sector provides a wide variety of services to customers, including:

  • air and surface parcel service
  • fax service
  • full-fare license service
  • Gulf Ex Gulf Express Service
  • local business answering correspondence service
  • macaque mail service
  • postal transfer service
  • private mailbox service
  • rapid distribution service
  • registered mail service
  • secure mail service
  • stamp sales license service
  • telegraph service
  • untitled postage service

What is a PO Box in Kuwait?

Kuwait Post offers a variety of PO box services for companies and individuals. Each type of PO box has different requirements for registration and usage. A PO Box number in Kuwait can be used for a variety of mailing purposes, such as shipping and billing.

The development of telecommunications, mail, and telephones in Kuwait was due to the efforts of government officials who worked hard to improve the services and develop the state of Kuwait.

What is the Purpose of a PO Box in Kuwait?

When you use a PO Box number in Kuwait, people will know it’s a PO Box because there is a mail slot in the box. They can drop their mail in the slot and it will be kept in one place rather than scattered across the apartment or office building lobby. The mailbox has your address on it so other people know that they can contact you with their packages, letters, catalogs, etc. You no longer have to worry about missing out on a job opportunity or delivery of important documents.

Post, telegraph and telephone services facilitate communication in developing nations. The mail service is widely available to everyone, making it an easy way to communicate with others. As a result, development is encouraged, and regression is minimized. And this is where the development of Kuwait Post under the Ministry of Communications was necessitated.

The role of the ministry and its branches is important in supporting people’s lives by encouraging interdependence, mutual exchange, and the sharing of ideas and culture.

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology’s services have become the standard for measuring the development and advancement in Kuwait. Thus, postal services have undergone massive improvement throughout the years. Here’s how you can take advantage of it, especially as an expat in the Gulf state.


When applying for a private PO Box in Kuwait, you’ll only need to present the following:


  • Digital copies of your national ID, passport (for non-Kuwaitis), and governorate ID.
  • Application form
  • Subscription Fees (starting KD 90 annually)


Fees vary depending on the services you require and the features they come with.

  • Lite (90 KD/year)
    • SMS/Email notification on received registered mail, parcels, and express mail
    • Preferred domestic & international shipping rates
  • Standard (190 KD/year)
    • SMS/Email notification on received registered mail, parcels, and express mail
    • Preferred domestic & international shipping rates
  • Smartmail Bronze (350 KD/year)
    • 1 time a week company delivery & Pickup
    • SMS/Email notification on received registered mail, parcels, and express mail
    • Preferred domestic & international shipping rates
    • KPO account management support
  • Smartmail Silver (600 KD)
    • 3 times a week company delivery & Pickup
    • SMS/Email notification on received registered mail, parcels, and express mail
    • Preferred domestic & international shipping rates
    • KPO account management support
  • Smartmail Gold (1200 KD)
    • 6 times a week company delivery & Pickup
    • SMS/Email notification on received registered mail, parcels, and express mail
    • Preferred domestic & international shipping rates
    • KPO account management support

Step-by-Step Procedures: How to Get a PO Box in Kuwait

1. Visit the Kuwait Post website.

2. Click on the e-Services tab.

3. Pick a service you wish to use. (Apply/Rent, Renew, Change of Address, or Cancel PO Box).

4. Fill out the application form online.

5. Submit digital copies of your documents.

6.  Settle the fees at the bank or your preferred payment center/s.

7. Collect the receipt.

8.  Visit the Kuwait Post to collect your mailbox keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I send an international parcel to Kuwait?

To send an International Parcel, visit one of the Kuwait Post’s 85 branches. For more information, you may look at the list of Kuwait Post Office Locations via their website.

2. Other than Kuwait Post, what other couriers are available in the country?

Using a courier company to send letters and parcels is more expensive than using the postal service but offers quicker delivery times. Here are some of the available courier options in Kuwait:

  • Aramex (International)

Tel: + 965 244 6400

  • DHL (International)

Tel: + 965 808 345

  • Express Post (Local & International)

Tel: + 965 241 8204

  • FedEx (International)

Tel: + 965 802 233

  • Gazelle (Local & International)
  • Tel: + 965 243 3288
  • OCS (International)
  • Tel: + 965 241 7883
  • TNT (International)
  • Tel: + 965 245 4125
  • UPS (International)
  • Tel: + 965 434 4822

3. How much does sending mail from Kuwait cost?

Letters or postcards weighing up to 20g cost 25fils to mail within the Kuwait postal system. Letters to the GCC countries and the rest of the world cost 50fils and 150fils, respectively. There are no printed price listings for mailing parcels or other bulky items. Contact your local post office for assistance.

4. What are the major post office locations in Kuwait?

Most post offices open at 7:30 in the morning, Sunday through Thursday. Hours can vary from office to office. Note that some offices are understaffed, and so may not open on time.

Safat Post Office
Al-Shuhada St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Main Post Office
Fahad Al-Salem St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Faiha Post Office
Al-Zahra’a St, Kuwait

Qortuba Post Office
Block 5, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Salmiya Post Office
Al-Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait

5. What are some useful postal services to avail of in Kuwait?

Depending on your postal service provider or (commercial) courier, you can enjoy using some useful features for your mail. Here are some of them.

Forwarded Mail: It is unknown if any mail forwarding systems are currently in existence in Kuwait. Contact the area post office for more information. It may be best to simply redirect mail being sent to Kuwait to a new address.

Undelivered Mail: Renting a post office box is much cheaper than receiving mail at your home address. If you notice a letter in your post office box that isn’t addressed to you, simply hand it over to an employee at your local post office.

The Postal Service does not offer home delivery. To ensure secure delivery, most people rent post office boxes located at the nearest post office and are relatively inexpensive; 7KD for the first year, and 4KD for any additional years.

6. How do I use Track your item?

Type in your reference number. This will be 9-27 characters long and will be on your post office receipt or, if you’re the recipient, it will be given to you by the sender.

Press the Track your delivery button. You may be asked to complete a quick CAPTCHA test, which helps the system verify you’re a human and not a bot. Pick the boxes containing the images you’re asked to identify and hit Verify. You can now see tracking information for your item.

7. Which services can I use Track your item?

You may use these services to track your item delivered thru Kuwait Post:

  • Kuwait Post Office Track & Trace
  • Track Enquiry Status

8. Where can I find my tracking number?

Where to find tracking details for an item depends on the service used to send it and how it was posted.

  • If your item was posted over the counter at a Post Office, then in many cases you can find your tracking number or article ID on a receipt.
  • If your item was sent using a tracked service such as a prepaid satchel, then your tracking number can be found on the barcode on your item and/or the removable sticker.

9. How to collect missed delivery?

It’s easy to collect your item from the nearest Customer Service Point (CSP). Simply visit the post office and provide your reference number and proof of ID. Kuwait Post will hold items for 18 days. If they’re not redelivered or collected in that time, they’ll return them to the sender.

10. Is it possible to manage the national address electronically?

To collect your item and keep mail secure, the postal service will need to see:

  • The Something for you card, (or SMS/email notification). Without this, you can’t collect your item.
  • Valid passport
  • Driving licence

11. I’ve received a yellow ‘Sorry we missed you’ card, what do I need to do?

If you receive a yellow card, the postal service will try and deliver your mail again the next working day. If they still can’t deliver it, they’ll leave a red ‘Something for you’ card and you can collect it or have it redelivered in the usual way.

12. My mail/parcel didn’t arrive today, what should I do?

You can use Track your item to find out the status of your delivery. If nobody was home, a ‘Something for you’ card may have been left with instructions on where to pick it up, or the courier may have delivered the package to a neighbour.

13. My parcel didn’t arrive on time, when can I expect to receive it?

1st Class (incl Signed For): Aim to deliver by the next working day

2nd Class (incl Signed For): Aim to deliver within 2-3 working days

Kuwait Post Special Delivery Guaranteed: On guaranteed delivery time (9 am or 1 pm) and date


Let’s face it – you miss a lot about home when you live overseas. To help you cope, sending mail or parcels can offer a good alternative when you can’t travel abroad as often as you’d like. It will let the people you care about know that you’re doing well on your side of the planet, and it can also allow you to receive packages if you need to get something delivered to your PO Box number in Kuwait.

Since most people in Kuwait use a PO Box, mail can be expected to be delivered safely and within the system’s operational delivery times. Because it is reliable, many companies use Kuwait Post as a trusted partner for their customers.

Kuwait Post has made it easy for people to get a PO Box for their personal or business correspondence. The company also makes it easy to apply for and receive a PO Box. People who have a PO Box have the advantage of increased privacy because mail sent to them is received at the PO Box rather than at their home.

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Kuwait International Mail Post Office

Address: Kaifan, Kuwait City, Kuwait, P.O.Box: 12898
Telephone Num: +966920005700
Business Hours: 07:30 to 14:00 (Sundays to Thursdays)

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