Police Track Expats who Smuggled Liquor, Paan

In recent light of a campaign announced by the police to maintain peace and order in the city in preparation for the upcoming holidays, a number of citizens – both local and foreign nationals – have been reported to the police for a series of misdemeanors violating city ordinances.

Authorities have managed to apprehend a Kuwaiti woman was reported to be driving a rented car after hitting another car owned by a fellow male Kuwaiti. Other than the damage on the vehicle, the Kuwaiti woman allegedly insulted the victim during the incident, and was referred to authorities for legal action.

Police Track Expats who Smuggled Liquor, Paan

Expats Smuggling Contraband Up for Investigation

Meanwhile, immigration officers at Kuwait International Airport detained an Asian man who has been found to possess half a kilogram of paan (betel leaf), on his return to Kuwait from his home country, as shared in a report by the Arab Times.

As per authorities, the accused had snuck in the contraband hidden in his luggage, but custom officials were able to detect it, and referred the man to the concerned authority for legal consequences.

In other news, Customs officers had detained another expat from Lebanon in his attempt to sneak in 10 bottles of liquor into the country. The man was then referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation of the case.

Meanwhile, detectives are working to track down a person caught on a surveillance camera who was seen entering a building in Yarmouk area and carting away a number of household items.

The clip showed a man who was wearing a mask and gloves to conceal his identity. The theft allegedly disconnected the camera at the entry point. The owner of the building lodged a complaint against the person caught on surveillance at the Yarmouk Police Station, and the case has been registered for investigation.

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