Gov’t Plans to Hire Workers from Ghana

The Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Moussa had convened with a high-ranking official from Ghana and opened up the possibility of recruiting workers from the African nation.

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In a statement with the press, Moussa touched on the system to be used for the recruitment of workers by which employers particularly in the field of construction, agriculture, and domestic employment, are expected to follow.

Gov’t Plans to Hire Workers from Ghana

PAM Explores Recruiting Manpower from Ghana

According to Moussa, the two nations have been partners in promoting each other’s labour and development over the years, and the new (and timely) opportunity will only solidify this relationship, as shared in a report by KUNA.

Despite the crunch on hiring foreign labour in the Gulf State, this development will certainly not escape the public eye especially now that a number of legislations have been put in place to regulate the labour demographics in the country.

However, where there is opportunity for Ghanaian nationals, the government must also examine what the stakes are as this is simply how business is done.

With the current number of expats being dealt with in Kuwait as of the moment, it’s quite surprising to find that the government is still looking for new sources of labour to bring into the market at this point.

This might send a confusing message to foreign nationals who are studying their chances of getting employment in Kuwait.

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At best, the government can intensify their policies as to the direction by which they wish to take their labour force in the succeeding years to come. This way, both residents and expat nationals can better set their expectations about pursuing work in the Gulf State.

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