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Ministry of Interior

Corpse of Filipino Man Washed Off in Blajat Beach in Kuwait

The Salmiya Fire and Maritime Rescue Center in Kuwait discovered a corpse washed off in Blajat Beach. The identity of the Filipino man in his early 30s was withheld but is believed to have gone missing after he went fishing in the area. The body was found after nearly 33 hours of search and rescue [...]

gambling raid kuwait

A reminder to everyone that gambling is illegal in Kuwait. Recently, the Kuwait Police caught 24 people involved in betting and gambling. According to a report shared by the Ministry of interior in Kuwait, the Kuwait Police have arrested people during an apartment raid. For many expats, please let this serve as a reminder that [...]

Interior Ministry Clamps Down on over 120,000 Residency Violators in Kuwait

As the government is keen on addressing the country’s demographic imbalance and labour allocation in favour of its citizens, concerned ministries and departments are also doubly working hard in tracking residency violators who have long been in the country illegally. ALSO READ: Govt’s Proposal Aims to Force Expats to Leave to Receive Indemnity This move [...]

The Director General of Residency Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al-Hajeri has authorized residency affairs departments in all six (6) governorates to issue visit visas valid for up to a month to the parents of expats. ALSO READ: New Visit Visa Rule for Expats’ Wives and Children Major General Al-Hajeri has [...]

Roaming Lion Caught in Residential Area in Kuwait

There are many restrictions that every person living in Kuwait has to abide to. And while not very common, this includes the ownership of wild animals in the city which has been a topic on the news recently. Kuwaiti authorities have captured a runaway lion in the Kabd region last Aug. 22 (Wednesday), as shared [...]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has released a statement regarding a gang which issues fake driving licenses to expats for a fee of $800 without requiring them to go through the legal process to obtain a license in the State such as processing one’s application through relevant authorities and passing a driving test. The issue [...]