Soon: Issue and Renew Driving License Online

In the government’s bid to hasten and provide services more efficiently to its residents, a new system is being developed which is similar to other electronic services offered by the government particularly the Civil ID.

Again, the aim is to provide hassle-free and organized transactions for those who will benefit from the services offered by the government across all six governorates.

Gov’t to Issue and Renew Driving License Online

Kuwait Plans to go Online for Driving License Issuance and Renewals

The General Traffic Department (GTD) will be employing advanced electronic devices to issue and renew driving licenses of Kuwaitis through an online system across all six governorates as shared in a report by Al-Anba Daily.

According to the report, a number of employees are already being equipped with the technical skills in preparation for the launch of the new system. The General Traffic Directorate is looking at the next two months to implement the new system for issuing and renewing driving licenses limited to Kuwaitis as of yet. However, foreign nationals who wish to avail this type of service from the government will soon follow suit.

As per the process for the electronic transactions, the Interior Ministry will set up an electronic window to handle transactions which will first be reviewed by the employees, and then the applicant will have to collect the license through an electronic device. According to the report, the procedure is similar as to how Civil IDs are being filed, renewed, and collected by residents.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt-Gen Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah is overseeing the project by the ministry to ensure the effectiveness of the project’s framework for the transition from paper to electronic transactions.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry inked a contract with a Polish company which specializes in the issuance of smart driving licenses as part of the initiative to issue renew driving licenses through the use of smart mobile phones as well as the Kiosk system in order to address the issue with traffic congestion and to promote more effective services to all citizens as well as residents.

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