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Corpse of Filipino Man Washed Off in Blajat Beach in Kuwait

The Salmiya Fire and Maritime Rescue Center in Kuwait discovered a corpse washed off in Blajat Beach. The identity of the Filipino man in his early 30s was withheld but is believed to have gone missing after he went fishing in the area.

The body was found after nearly 33 hours of search and rescue operation.

Corpse of Filipino Man Washed Off in Blajat Beach in Kuwait

Image used for illustration purposes only (Credits: Arun Binoy / Google Maps)

Dead Filipino Man Found in Blajat Beach in Kuwait

Authorities reported that the man’s wife had filed a missing person report at the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior since he had not returned home from a fishing trip, the Arab Times Online reported.

Upon receiving the report, the Salmiya Rescue Center quickly went into action, scouting the area and tracing the whereabouts of the man until they found his body the day after.

While there wasn’t much information disclosed on the man’s identity, the authorities have sent the body over to the forensics team for further investigation.

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