Increase in Absconding Cases of Domestic Workers Alarms Employers, Kuwait Authorities

Kuwait authorities have noted an increase in the number of domestic helpers and drivers fleeing the homes of their employers (sponsors) to work in various fields within the private sector due to the huge amount of work assigned to them throughout the day – especially after the decision to impose partial and total curfew as well the presence of all family members in the house.

According to reports, due to the presence of the entire family during the lockdown, the household responsibilities of domestic helpers have also increased. As such, workers have opted to transfer to another field of work in the private sector.  

Kuwait Authorities Alarmed by Increase in Absconding Cases of Domestic Helpers, Drivers

Authorities have also reported that these workers even have expired work permits but were still pushed to continue their domestic jobs due to the suspension of recruitment or non-resumption of international flights from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Philippines, the Arab Times Online reported.

Citing the statistics that authorities have, they explained that company files of those who have been arrested in the private sector will be suspended until it is confirmed that employers have done what is required of them in terms of facilitating their travel back to their home countries and to convince the companies of their commitment to abide by the labor laws. 

Regarding the domestic workers who have been arrested during this campaign, the concerned authority will notify the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation to enact legal measures against them and their sponsors. 

In line with this update, the Telegraph has also published a report detailing the allegations of housemaids in Kuwait stating that they were subjected to ill-treatment and that this has increased during the COVID-19 outbreak which forced families to stay inside homes.

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