Ministry of Education Posts Teaching Job Openings Online; Expats Can Apply

With the manpower and labour force in Kuwait moving towards a more evened out landscape, many citizens look forward to be given jobs, which expats used to hold. However, at this point, it’s quite evident that what the resources on hand offer does not match the demand needed in certain sectors, such as in the field of education.

It is for this reason that the government still intends to accommodate foreign talents to have certain jobs in the country, at least in the field of education.

Education Ministry Posts Teaching Vacancies Online; Expats Can Apply

Ministry Announces Education Job Openings Online; Expats May Apply

In an announcement by Ministry of Education (MOE) Undersecretary Saud Al-Harbi approved an online advertisement to be posted on the ministry’s website to officially announce the ministry’s requirements to recruit teachers, including expatriates, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

The ad is intended to fill up teaching positions in Kuwait’s public schools for the year 2019-2020.

The announcement calls for interested applicants to teach English, French, Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology and Physical Education in Kuwaiti public schools.

However, online applications will only be possible through the MOE website, where the ad has been posted recently.

Now this may come as a surprise since only recently, the ministry announced that it will release a list of teachers who had their contracts terminated.

Those included were those who handled Islamic studies, social studies, electricity, psychology, biology, history and computer, in public schools.

The decision comes as members of the Parliament called the government’s attention to follow a proposal to push for the deportation of 50% of the 3.3 million expats in the country.

The initiative known as the “Kuwaitization” drive is under the government’s campaign to recruit more citizens, similar as to what Kuwait’s neighbouring GCC states such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman have pursued to achieve in recent years.

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