Gov’t Sets New Kuwait Visit Visa Requirements

In the previous year, a number of new visa regulations have been enacted by the government to manage the movement of international travellers into the country.

This was in response to Kuwait’s initiative in limiting the number of expats in the country, particularly those on working visas. And while certain adjustments have been made in consideration of humanitarian reasons such as for expats’ families to be together, there seems to be another one that further regulates the former consideration.

Gov’t Sets New Visit Visa Requirements

Kuwait Imposes New Visit Visa Rules

The Ministry of Interior’s Residency Affairs Directorate has posted new regulations for issuing various types of visit visas by which various department managers are to follow a minimum salary requirement of KD 500 for sponsors applying for visit visas for their parents or in-laws.

Also, as per the new policy various immigration managers are authorized to set the visit period for parents and in-laws at 30 days for family visit visas and 90 days for tourist visit visas based on their sponsors’ jobs, circumstances, and reason for their visit.

What this means is a more stringent process for foreign nationals on visit visas. It may have seemed that the government was letting up for some time, but now their visitor entry is entirely up to immigration managers who will base their decisions on a number of factors, which are mostly socio-economical in nature.

The bottom-line here is that sponsors need to be in a strong financial and social position in order to support and invite their family members to come visit them in Kuwait.

This, after all, also aligns with the government’s vision to level the labour force among Kuwaitis and expats, as well as to address immigration issues such as human trafficking and illegal residency, and ultimately draw in quality individuals that can contribute to society and economy of the country.

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