Filipina and Egyptian Lover Charged with Adultery in Dead Newborn’s Case

Part of the challenges that come with being a migrant worker is homesickness, and for single people – loneliness. It is for this reason that even those with families back home get involved in illicit affairs, which do not fare well with the laws in Islamic countries such as Kuwait.

For a country as conservative as Kuwait, people getting involved in illicit relationships or sexual relations outside marriage may be punished by the law of the land.

Filipina Charged with Adultery along with Egyptian Lover in Dead Newborn’s Case
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Charges Filed Against Filipina & Egyptian Over Dead Infant’s Case

In relation to this, personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department are waiting for the autopsy result on a newborn in order to close the file of a Syrian, an Egyptian and his Filipino girlfriend, who have been involved in a legal row due to the death of a young child and for getting involved in illicit affairs, as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online.

While waiting for the results of the autopsy, a case of adultery has been filed against the Egyptian and his Filipino woman because they are reportedly married in their respective countries.

During investigation, the Syrian woman who has been arrested for attempting to dump the corpse of the newborn has been charged with hiding evidence and misleading police. The Syrian national was arrested after a citizen who was on his way to the mosque saw the confused looking Syrian who was attempting to get rid of a ‘bundle’ from her hands.

In other news, the Court of Cassation has sentenced a Kuwaiti to death for murdering his Saudi friend by strangling, and dumping his corpse in the Nuwaiseeb desert.

The suspect allegedly attempted to escape from the country after committing the crime, according to the statement given by the suspect’s brother. The Kuwait was then arrested by the Interpol and was referred to a Kuwaiti court for trial.

While it’s sad to hear these kinds of news, misunderstandings and relationship problems do occur, and though some people do not intend to cause hurt or murder anyone in the process, circumstances may not have given them any options otherwise.

For this, it’s also important to understand that all of our decisions and actions have consequences, which are mandated by governing laws observed in Kuwait. We hope that justice be given swiftly and accordingly to those whom it is due.

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