How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kuwait

Foreign nationals aged 18 and above who have resided in Kuwait for at least six months during the last decade may be required to apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct (also called a police clearance, criminal record, or police check). This document serves as proof that the applicant does not have had any criminal offense during his or her stay in the State. This is typically part of employment or (travel or work) visa requirements here in Kuwait.

Of course, you have the option to apply for this document via an agent, but it would cost you around 30-40 KD whereas if you apply by yourself, it would only cost you some of your time – about an hour, if you’re meticulous about it, and 5 minutes to pick up your document. That’s not so bad, isn’t it?

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Applying for a Good Conduct Certificate in Kuwait: What You Need to Know

To apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct, visit the Ministry of Interior, Department of Identification and Automated Search under the General Department for Criminal Evidence which can be located at Road 55 in the Farwaniya-Al Dhajeej Area just across from the Kuwait Airways Building.


  • A Request letter from your sponsor or requesting embassy (The Embassy may only
  • A copy of your passport’s info page
  • A copy of your Civil ID
  • A copy of your passport’s residency permit / residence visa
  • Two (2) passport size photographs in blue background


  1. Proceed to the Department of Identification and Automated Search and submit the required documents to the officer-in-charge and you will be given a number and wait for your number to be called.
  2. Once you’re up, an officer will take your picture as well as digital fingerprints.
  3. Keep the small piece of paper with a sticker as well as the number you were given because you will need them together with your Civil ID to collect your certificate in about a week’s time (or even earlier) in the same place.

As mentioned, you need to personally submit these documents to the Ministry of Interiors of Kuwait. However, in the event that you cannot personally do so, a representative may file for your application provided that he/she secures a Power of Attorney for this purpose. Also, an affidavit may be needed to attest to your inability to file your own application in person.

For more information regarding the application process for a Certificate of Good Conduct, you may use the following contact information for your queries/ concerns:

Department of Criminal Evidence

Ministry of the Interior

Farwaniya District, Kuwait

Telephone: +965-2434-6101 / Fax: +965-2434-5790

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