How to Apply for a Work Permit in Kuwait

In order to enter the workforce in Kuwait, expats need to submit certain requirements for legal work. One of which is the Kuwait work permit.

Work permits can only be issued if an expat has been given a legitimate job offer to work in Kuwait. Following this scheme, the employer takes on the role of the expat’s sponsor for the duration of his/her stay in Kuwait.

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Applying for a Work Permit in Kuwait


Expats need to submit the following set of documents in order to apply for a work permit:

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport.

Note:  The job information stated in the applicant’s work documents must match the actual designation, function, and activity he/she is performing in Kuwait.

  • Original authorization with signature, and a photocopy of the document
  • A certified true copy of the wage transfer certificate issued by the Work Inspection Department bearing the official stamp given by the Coordination or Reception or Employment Sections.

Note: The wage transfer certificate is assessed by the Work Department from the administrative division wherein the employer’s file was released.

  • A recent stamp along with the original signed authorization document.



  1. Go to the Work Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in the administrative region you were referred to for your submission of requirements.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MOSAL) can be located at:

Block 6, Ministries Complex,

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Tel: +965 2248 0000



  1. Completely fill out the service application form.
  2. Pay the fixed application fees (10 KD).

Applying for a work permit in Kuwait is usually done by the employer who acts as the sponsor, if employment has been endorsed in Kuwait. Once the employer receives the work permit, he/she then sends it to the employee who will need to have the document verified by the Kuwait Embassy from his/her country. Also, the applicant will need to obtain a medical certificate, as part of the requirements of the Kuwait Embassy. In the instance that there is no Kuwait Embassy available, the sponsor has the responsibility to have the document verified by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait before sending it to the employee/applicant before official employment ensues.

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