How to Apply for New Philippine Passport and Report of Birth for Minors in Kuwait

OFWs in Kuwait who wish to avail of a new Philippine passport only need to visit the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and provide the necessary requirements to begin their application. The same process applies when filing for a report of birth for minors in Kuwait.

Now that the new Philippine passport is valid for ten years (effective last January 2018), it is a good idea for OFWs to get themselves a new one, especially if they travel a lot to other countries. Here are the requirements and steps for this process according to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait:

Image Credit: Department of Foreign Affairs

Applying for Issuance of a New Passport and Report of Birth for Minors in Kuwait


  • A completely filled out passport application form available here.
  • Four (4) original copies of the completely filled-out Report of Birth document
  • The child’s original Birth Certificate (in Arabic) with authentication from Kuwait’s Ministry of Affairs (MOA) along with the official English translation, and four (4) photocopies of the document(s)
  • The original certificate of marriage (Report of Marriage) of the parents as authorized by the NSO and authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, and four (4) photocopies of the document(s).
  • The parents’ passport and/or Civil ID of the parents, if any, and four (4) photocopies of each document



Note: There are no set procedures to follow when filing for a new passport or report of birth for minors as per the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait’s website. However, below are the general directives that you need to take note of:

  1. Go to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and submit all the required documents. The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait can be located at:




Blk 6, Villa 153 Nouman Bin Basher Street cor. Damascus Street

Faiha, State of Kuwait P.O. Box 26288 Safat 13123 State of Kuwait

Tel. No: (+965)2252-8422; 2251-1806

Hotline Number: (+965) 5569-2909


  1. Pay the service fee of 19.50 KD for a new passport and 8.125 KD for the Report of Birth


Important Notes:

  • Always check the Time and Date of Release. Also, bring your old passport with you when claiming the new one.
  • Bring your passport receipt on the day of your passport release.
  • Remember to review all the information on your passport to check if everything is correct.
  • Passports that have been unclaimed six (6) months after date of release will be forfeited as per Dept. Order No. 37-03.
  • Once you have claimed your new passport, please affix your Visa immediately to the new passport so as not to be charged of Immigration fines.

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