[WATCH] Expats who Assaulted Police Officer Arrested

For many various reasons and at any given time, threats against law and order which could disrupt public safety and systems can happen anywhere in the world. And if the incident draws public attention, the event could easily get out of hand and beyond control.

And as always, the burden of defusing a heated incident in public falls on the shoulders of police officers, who most of the time also get caught in the incident especially when they are outnumbered by those causing the incident.

[WATCH] Expats who Assaulted Police Officer Arrested

[VIDEO] Expats Assault Police Officer Caught on Video

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) released a statement regarding a video which has gone viral on social media showing a fight between some citizens and expatriates in Shuwaikh, and noted that the fight took place last February 19 and that those involved have already been arrested, as shared in a report by Al-Rai Daily.

As per the ministry report, one of the expats involved in the street brawl allegedly assaulted a policeman before he was contained and referred to authorities.

And while the reason behind the incident has not yet been shared in public, those who were involved in the incident have already been taken into custody and referred for interrogation.

In such cases, where injuries and other civilians could get involved unknowingly, the best thing we could do is to back off and report the incident to authorities even before the situation goes out of control. And also, it would be responsible behaviour to always respect persons in authorities, being mindful not to hurt or cause grievances against them as this could get anyone (especially foreign nationals) in a bad spot with the law and the government of the host country they are residing in.

Most of the time, this could even affect other expat communities in the country who did not have anything to do with the incident, so in order to avoid causing inconvenience to others or landing in prison, it would be ideal for all residents in the country to coordinate and cooperate with authorities who only seek to maintain peace and order in society.

Here is the viral video shared in social media as posted by the Arab Times Online:

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