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How to Apply For a Civil ID in Kuwait

Every resident of Kuwait, both national and expatriate, needs to apply for a civil ID card within the 30-day period of issuance of their residency visa. Thie Civil ID card, also known as bitaqa-almadaniyah is an important document to prove your legal stay in the Gulf nation.

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) is responsible for the processing and issuance of this document, which usually takes about 10 working days. Having a Civil ID card is also an important requirement when living in Kuwait as it entitles the holder to being able to open a bank account, send your kids to school, and buy a car. If you’re a first-time expat in Kuwait, it would be wise to understand the process for applying for a civil ID card in the Gulf State – here’s how:

Applying for a Civil ID Card for First-Time Expats in Kuwait

For first-timers and those who wish to travel in Kuwait for work or residence, make sure to have all these documents ready when travelling here, so as to get started with your Civil ID Card application as soon as you can.


  • Your original and valid passport + photocopy
  • Two recent (4 x 6) coloured photographs
  • Photocopies of your passport pages which indicate your important personal details as well as your resident stamp
  • For those aged 16 and above: your security clearance and/or fingerprinting document/s
  • Declaration signed by your (Kuwaiti) sponsors
  • Your blood group certificate
  • Proof of residence in Kuwait (rent contract and/or receipts)
  • For those born in Kuwait: your original birth certificate


  1. Visit the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) HQ at the Citizens’ Office in Zahra, Ground Floor and submit all the requirements outlined above.
  2. Fill out all the service application forms available on-site.
  3. Pay the application fees as follows:

Fixed fee, smart ID card issuance fee: 5 KD

Fixed fee, envelope: 0.25 KD

Important: Expats who fail to register for a Civil ID card within 30 days after they receive their residency stamp will be fined for 20KD.

If you’ve decided to stay in Kuwait for work or residence, make sure to have all your IDs and legal documents with you, which include your Civil ID card, to avoid finding yourself in a difficult spot with the authorities even as you go around the city.