How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait

It’s no secret that the U.S.A is one of the more popular destinations people visit to see “the world.” And why not, America has made its mark on the globe for its great contributions across so many fields. If you plan to tour the Land of the Brave, you better take down notes and apply for a US Tourist Visa first.

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Non-US citizens can choose to apply for a non-immigrant or immigrant visa, depending on your purpose of travel. But since we’re talking travels for a holiday or visit to family/relatives, we will focus on the non-immigrant US visa.

Applying for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait

Applying for a Business/Tourist Visa (B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa) works for those who wish to travel to the US for either a short business activity, for leisure, or medical care. Before you apply, keep in mind to gather all the necessary application items/requirements to ensure a hassle-free process.


  • Complete your Nonimmigrant Electronic Visa Application (DS-160) Form here.
    • After you’ve completed filling out your DS-160 application form, remember to print and keep a copy of the DS-160 barcode page. No need to print the entire application form.
    • Set an interview appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate through their official website.
    • Upon reviewing the country-specific instructions detailed on the US Embassy or Consulate Website, prepare to pay your visa application processing fee.
  • Your current original and valid passport for your travel to the US. The passport’s validity should still cover a least the next six months after your intended period of stay in the US.
  • Your old passports to show your travel records and history
  • One (1) recent 2”x2” photograph (taken at least within the last six months).
  • The receipt for the $160 visa application processing fee paid in local currency.
  • An interview appointment letter that was issued by the US Embassy’s website.
Miami Beach Florida, USA


  1. Fill out the non-immigrant Electronic Visa Application (DS-160) form.
  2. Pay the visa application processing fee and remember to keep the receipt.
  3. Book an interview appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate through their website. To complete your appointment, provide the following information:
    1. The 10-digit barcode number posted on the DS-160 confirmation page.
    2. The CGI reference number from your Visa Payment Receipt.
    3. Your passport number
  4. Visit the US Embassy or Consulate on your scheduled date of interview for your visa application. You need to present your interview appointment letter, your current and old passports, and a photograph taken within the last six months (see specifics under the requirements section). Failure to present any of these documents may defer or deny the application process. The US Embassy in Kuwait can be located at:

U.S. Embassy Kuwait City

P.O. Box 77

Safat 13001


Supporting Documents

When applying for your visa interview, consider preparing all relevant supporting documents as these can affect the decision on your visa. Consular officers factor in an applicant’s individual, professional, social, and cultural background during the interview process and it is important to bring all relevant documents on your appointed date of interview.

Remember to prepare the following original documents for your visa interview:

  • Documents to support your financial standing such as your assets, tax payments, and property or business ownership.
  • A letter from your current employer which details your position in the company, monthly salary, your start date of employment, the duration of your employment, your authorized vacation leave or the purpose of business, if any, for your trip to the US.
  • Any criminal and/or court record that you may have incurred anywhere in the world, even if you’ve already been pardoned or served your sentence for such.
  • Also, if you’re traveling to the US to visit a relative/family, you will need to provide copies of documents to support their citizen status such as a Green Card, valid visa, naturalization certificate, and the likes.

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