How to Apply for a Landbank ATM Savings Account

Landbank is one of more popular banks among the Filipino masses, after all, it was originally envisioned to become the official financial institution to cater to the needs of the people working in the agricultural sector (i.e farmers and fishermen). Landbank is also the official depository bank of the Philippines. With that said, there are several financial and investment opportunities made available by Landbank to their members who have signed up for an ATM savings account with them.

If you are planning to apply for an ATM Savings Account with Landbank to avail their services and investment tools, continue to read on…

Applying for a Landbank ATM Savings Account

Signing up with Landbank’s ATM Savings Account lets you enjoy the following services and benefits:

  • An initial deposit and maintaining balance of Php 500.00
  • An annual interest rate of 0.250%
  • Maximum withdrawal amount/day: Php50,000
  • Cashless purchases available through any point-of-sale (POS) terminal in any partner merchants (i.e., supermarkets, department stores, and other accredited establishments having the Bancnet logo) across the country.


  • Any two (2) of the following valid IDs:
    • Voter’s ID
    • Postal ID
    • GSIS / SSS ID
    • TIN ID
    • PRC ID
    • Company/School ID
    • NBI/Police Clearance
    • Barangay Certificate/Clearance
    • NSO-issued Birth Certificate
    • Senior Citizen’s ID Card
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
  • One (1) 1×1 photo
  • TIN number or TIN ID
  • Proof of billing/utility bills (e.g. water, electricity, telephone/cell phone, or credit card bills)


  1. Visit your preferred Landbank branch to open account. Proceed to the New Accounts Section and ask assistance from the bank officer for opening an ATM Savings Account.
  2. The bank officer will provide you an application pack with forms that you need to fill out. Upon completing the forms, you will be asked to provide the above-listed requirements.
  3. Once you have completely filled out your application forms and handed over the required documents, the bank officer will issue you a deposit slip for the collection of your ATM Card.
  4. After your application for an ATM Savings Account with Landbank has been reviewed and processed, your ATM card and bank account details will be released within the same day or as advised by the bank officer.

Choosing which bank to work with for opening a new savings account depends on a number of factors despite some similarities being offered by several banks these days. The most important thing is to look for and understand which features best suit your banking needs and clearly align with your financial goals.

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