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New Online Driving License Renewal Service Launched by Interior Ministry

Things just got much easier for the citizens and residents of Kuwait as the Interior Ministry has launched a new online portal for the renewal of driving licenses in the state. Through this upgrade, the traffic and operations sector in cooperation with the IT department will be utilizing the online service for the renewal of driving licenses [...]

Over 1 Million Expats in Kuwait Have Driving Licenses, but No Vehicles

Driving is a special skill which has great use anywhere in the world.  And for some expats, driving is a skill which is required of them in order to have better chances of landing a job in Kuwait, or anywhere in the world for that matter. However, even if a foreign national has a driving [...]

Gov’t Activates Online Health Insurance System for Expats

In line with the government’s bid to digitize services offered by the ministries, new systems and innovations are being set into place which aim to expedite the delivery of services offered by the government not only to expats but also to all of its citizens. Among these services include the issuance and renewal of driving [...]

Soon: Issue and Renew Driving License Online

Gov’t to Issue and Renew Driving License Online

In the government’s bid to hasten and provide services more efficiently to its residents, a new system is being developed which is similar to other electronic services offered by the government particularly the Civil ID. Again, the aim is to provide hassle-free and organized transactions for those who will benefit from the services offered by [...]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has released a statement regarding a gang which issues fake driving licenses to expats for a fee of $800 without requiring them to go through the legal process to obtain a license in the State such as processing one’s application through relevant authorities and passing a driving test. The issue [...]

How to Apply for a Driving License in Kuwait

Applying for a driving license here in Kuwait follows a certain set of requirements and procedures set by the government for all of its citizens, expats included. Here in Kuwait, first-time applicants will need to pass a driving test and be issued a learner’s license to be able to drive around the city. Whether it’s [...]

How to Get a Driving License in Kuwait

driving license application in kuwait

Acquiring a driver’s license in Kuwait is not an easy task. Not all can get a drivers can get one and some have to wait for 2 years to be able to apply one. The first step is getting a learner’s license or “Istimara” – Click here Steps in Applying for a Driver’s License in Kuwait Requirements: [...]