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Last 01 January 2018, Kuwait formally took the role as representative of the Arab nations at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The Gulf state replaced fellow Arab country, Egypt starting this year until 2019. Kuwait Returns to Join UN Security Council After 40 years This will be Kuwait’s formal return to the Council after [...]

kuwait fireworks

Planning where to head out on NYE here in Kuwait? For those who haven’t been to the Arab emirate; Kuwait, just like in most parts of the world, also welcome the New Year with fireworks, midnight gatherings, and sumptuous feasts either at the comfort of one’s home or in a fancy hotel or restaurant. If [...]

Why do Filipinos want to go to Kuwait?

If you can see the number of people going abroad, you can expect that Filipino workers are more than a handful. This is due to the idea of having better opportunities when working in a foreign country. One of the countries that offer job openings in the Middle East is Kuwait. Kuwait has become a hot-spot [...]

Top 5 Tourist Spots in Kuwait

Kuwait is a blissful country drenched in culture and history. As with other major countries in the Arab World, Kuwait was a big part of the gripping ancient history of the world. Even though there have been modern structures erected in its cities, the country still prioritizes its rich culture and great ancient buildings to [...]