The National Museum of Kuwait

Kuwait is euphoric country famous for its historical wonders, cultural attractions and heritage. And speaking of heritage, if you are a traveler that wants knowledge of the rich history of a country and happened to be in Kuwait, then you should be heading to one of the best places to do that. This place has all of that rich history that you want to know and that is in the National Museum.

The National Museum of Kuwait is located nearby the National Assemble. The museum itself is composed of four buildings and one planetarium for those who want to study the stars. Actually, this was stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders in the earlier years of war, but thankfully it has been restored to its former glory. This still houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, which is one of the best comprehensive collections in the world today. Here are the reasons why you should visit this place.

Kuwait National Museum

Rich Kuwait History

The Kuwait National Museum houses the symbols of Kuwait history throughout the ages. There are three buildings that are used for permanent exhibitions while the fourth one is for administrative offices and the auditorium. You will find the art collection of the Al-Sabah family, the collection of dhows, and also the archaeological findings in Failaka.


These collections are the most important components of the museum, which would remind Kuwait of its past, so that each citizen will be aware of their country’s glory. Foreign travelers are very welcome to study the different collections shown inside.

The Great Heritage

While some of these collections are just works of art, there are also actually some exhibitions that showcase the heritage of Kuwait from its earlier times until the modern era. The exhibits also show how Kuwaitis have done their basic jobs since ancient times like making cloth, making swords, and many other tasks. These exhibits are the perfect study materials to look at, so you can learn the rich culture of Kuwait and how you can appreciate their daily lives.

Looking at the Stars and Heavenly Bodies

Another part of the museum is its own planetarium, which boasts to have the same type of technology that any planetarium the western countries have. The planetarium has a 15 meter horizontal dome. This was also the first of its kind in the gulf region when it was built during the 1980s.

After the Iraqis raided the museum, it was renovated and restored for the public to view again. It was upgraded with full-dome capabilities along with the Uniview to enable state of the art interactive storytelling in a 3D environment. The experience you will gain during your visit will be such a unique one indeed.

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