The Kuwait Towers

Part of the reason Kuwait has become a loved tourist destination is because of its progress in both economic and cultural areas in the country. From tall skyscrapers to grand establishments, there have been a ton of modern edifices erected to symbolize that improvement. And the ultimate attraction to showcase this progress is the breathtaking Kuwait Towers.

The Kuwait Towers as a whole is an urban monument that gives life to what the country has right now: progress and improvement of economy. These towers epitomize those accomplishments, and these accomplishments have made a mark in the world in terms of economy, culture, and progress. These towers have also been one of the best tourist spots that grab on to many foreign travelers because of its location and the different perks you gain. Here are those services and privileges that these towers offer.

Kuwait Towers – Tourist Attraction

A Grand View like no other

The Kuwait Towers are located on the Arabian Gulf Road which is in the heart of a Kuwait City. This means you will have a great panorama of the Arabian Gulf with waters that shimmer in the sunlight in the day and moonlight in nighttime. However, it is also great to take in the views of the city in the evening with the city lights brightly twinkling in the dark of night. One tower has the viewing sphere where you can view the sights. The viewing sphere is situated 123 meters above sea level, giving you a panoramic view of Kuwait City. The sphere also rotates 360 degrees in 30 minutes to give you that panoramic view. You can enjoy the view with or without telescopes.

Great Service for Visitors

While enjoying the great view that the viewing sphere offers, you can also enjoy some simple amenities that are being offered inside. There is a quick snack cafeteria where you can purchase some simple snacks and drinks to satisfy your needs while viewing the great landscape. There is also a souvenir store where you can purchase some of the best items that you can bring home after your visit. These souvenir items will be a great reminder of your travel to Kuwait, and the great view you’ve enjoyed in the Viewing Sphere of the Kuwait Towers.

Enjoy the great experience of your visit in the Kuwait Towers which no other place can offer. It is one of the perfect places to have a fun or romantic tour with your family members, friends, or loved ones in your vacation. You should definitely stop by here before going anywhere else in Kuwait City.

Whether you are foodie or someone who has a taste for history, Kuwait is an impressive destination that you should include to your bucket list.  Every tourist agency that advertises the Middle East will definitely suggest you to visit this country and stay there for a few days at least. Not surprisingly, Kuwait has become a one of top places to visit in the Middle East.

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