How to Apply for a UCPB Savings Account

Getting yourself a savings account is one of the more important steps to managing your finances better. And in the Philippines, it’s as easy as purchasing a new gadget, for as long as you have all the necessary documents required by your bank of choice. And not only that, what if there’s more in it for you than just keeping your money altogether?

With UCPB’s savings account, members not only get to take advantage of the usual benefits offered by a regular savings account (interest rates, online banking, and cashless purchases), they also get to apply for loans with cash in their savings staked as collateral. If you’re interested on the process for getting yourself a UCPB savings account, here’s how:

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Applying for a UCPB Savings Account

A UCPB Savings Account offers the following perks and services:

  • Low Initial deposit and average daily maintaining balance of only Php 2,000.
  • The required minimum monthly average daily balance (ADB) to earn interest is Php 10,000.
  • 25% annual interest rate
  • Monitor your account balance and transaction history through UCPB’s online statement of accounts
  • Set up your regular account transactions with UCPB’s Automatic Transfer Arrangements (ATA).
  • Get back-to-back loans with your cash balance in your account as collateral
  • Account deposits of Php 500,000 and below get insurance coverage through the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).



Note: You need to provide the original and at least one (1) photocopy (front and back) of the following documents to apply for a savings account with UCPB:

  • Any of the following photographed government-issued IDs:
    • Driver’s license with official receipt
    • Valid passport
  • Otherwise, any two (2) of the following secondary documents /IDs may be presented:
    • PRC License
    • Valid SSS/GSIS ID with picture
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Document license or permit to carry firearms
    • NBI/Police Clearance
    • Company ID bearing the applicant’s photo
  • The Php 2,000 initial deposit


  1. Go to your preferred UCPB branch and make sure to have all the necessary requirements listed at hand along with the initial deposit required to open a savings account.


  1. Advise the bank officer assigned at the new accounts desk that you would like to open a new savings account. Ask as to where you can get a number and wait for your turn.


  1. Once you are called, you will be asked to completely fill out several application forms. Review all the information you provide in the forms to avoid any discrepancies in your application versus your documents.


  1. Settle the initial deposit fee to open a regular savings account. Upon receipt of payment,you will be issued a deposit slip that you will need to for the collection of your ATM card and account documents as per instruction of the bank officer.

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