How to Request for a Residence Transfer in Kuwait

Employment in Kuwait is heavily dependent on sponsorship arrangements. To be able to stay and work in Kuwait, one needs to have a sponsor who will be responsible for the employee’s work and residency arrangements here in Kuwait.

However, in the event that an employer could no longer offer employment or sponsorship, expats need to look for other jobs under a different sponsor to be able to stay in the country. And for this to be possible, one needs to request for a Residence Transfer through the Department of Immigration in Kuwait. Here’s how:

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Requesting for a Residence Transfer in Kuwait

To begin the process of requesting for a residence transfer in Kuwait, take note of the following requirements that you need to submit:


  • The original and photocopy of the civil ID of the previous and current sponsors of the applicant.
  • The original and photocopy of the civil ID of the sponsored resident
  • The original passport of the sponsored resident
  • Two (2) recent photographs of the applicant
  • The applicant’s health insurance certificate
  • An original and photocopy of the signed authorization letter


  1. Non-Kuwaiti residents are required to go to the General Department of Immigration under the Administrative areas or regions (Governorate) you are referred to for the submission of your documents. To know more about the contact details of the governorate you are referred to, please click here.
  2. Completely fill out the service application forms available at the department.
  3. Settle the variable payment fees. This depends on the kind of residence and the duration of your stay in the country. Annual fees also apply.


Applying for a residence transfer is usually done by employer-employer to make sure that all legal matters are arranged before an employee is transferred to his/her new legal sponsor. It is of the employee’s best interest to know the importance of this procedure so as not to be caught in the middle of a difficult situation in case authorities would look for legal work documents for the basis of his/her stay in Kuwait

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