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How to Apply for a Work Permit in Kuwait

In order to enter the workforce in Kuwait, expats need to submit certain requirements for legal work. One of which is the Kuwait work permit. Work permits can only be issued if an expat has been given a legitimate job offer to work in Kuwait. Following this scheme, the employer takes on the role of [...]

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Kuwait

It’s no secret that the U.S.A is one of the more popular destinations people visit to see “the world.” And why not, America has made its mark on the globe for its great contributions across so many fields. If you plan to tour the Land of the Brave, you better take down notes and apply [...]

If you have plans of flying to Australia for a friendly visit to a relative/family, a holiday vacation, or for recreational travel, you should at least consider knowing the process for filing your Australian tourist visa application. Applying for a visitor visa in Australia is applicable for those with activities which deal with tourism and/or [...]

Looking for a new travel experience? Would you chance a ride up the London Eye to witness the historic city from a bird’s eye view? Visit the famous London Bridge or check out how big the Big Ben is in the flesh? If these tickle your fancy, then consider applying for a UK tourist Visa [...]

How to Get a Visa in Kuwait

There are several ways to obtain a visa in Kuwait. Visas, as you would expect, have more specific purposes, other than just getting into a country of your choice. If you’re a national from a country that is part of the Gulf Cooperartion Council (GCC), then entering Kuwait without a visa won’t be a problem. [...]