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‘Silk City’ to Rise in Kuwait… Soon?

Much like its neighbouring countries such as Qatar and the UAE, Kuwait also looks to position itself in the global map as an economic and financial hub to reckon with. However, despite being among one of the richest countries in the Gulf region, much of what made Kuwait a prosperous nation is its oil reserves, [...]

Just in time for the Eid holidays, Kuwait’s leading entertainment company, the Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) launches its reimagined Cinescape brand all over the country. Coinciding with the rebrand rollout, KNCC also opens a new multiplex at Al-Kout Mall. The rebrand launch marks a new milestone for KNCC in accordance to its plans for [...]

March 29 marks the reopening of the very first and one of the biggest water parks in the Gulf region, the Aqua Park. Now revamped with a refreshing Greek design, the popular water park has successfully completed all necessary maintenance works to ensure that all of its tourist attraction facilities such as water slides, pools, [...]

Have you finished creating your travel goals for 2018 yet? If you’ve decided on visiting Kuwait this year, you’re in luck because we’ll give you the run-down on where to you need to be for a fun and exciting vacation here in Kuwait. Besides its unique culture and traditions, Kuwait is also home to several [...]

List of Museums in Kuwait

Thinking of clever ways to pass time or enjoy the weekend here in Kuwait? Try checking out some of Kuwait’s unique museums. There’s pretty much a handful of them when you go around Kuwait City. Aside from exploring the nooks and crannies of the city you’ll also get to learn a ton of things about [...]

Kuwait is a blissful country drenched in culture and history. As with other major countries in the Arab World, Kuwait was a big part of the gripping ancient history of the world. Even though there have been modern structures erected in its cities, the country still prioritizes its rich culture and great ancient buildings to [...]

Part of the reason Kuwait has become a loved tourist destination is because of its progress in both economic and cultural areas in the country. From tall skyscrapers to grand establishments, there have been a ton of modern edifices erected to symbolize that improvement. And the ultimate attraction to showcase this progress is the breathtaking [...]

Looking for whole new experience in Kuwait? Come and visit the Scientific Center in Salmiya, Kuwait. It is considered the center for environmental education in the area. It is famous for its largest aquarium in the Middle East, with a variety of sea creatures. So, for sea lovers out there, this place is perfect for [...]

Planning on another vacation early this year? Include in your list, Kuwait and discover how lovely the place is. Over the years, many tourists have been traveling around the world not only in the famous destinations such as United Kingdom or United States, but also in the Middle East. Entertainment City, or also referred as [...]

Kuwait is euphoric country famous for its historical wonders, cultural attractions and heritage. And speaking of heritage, if you are a traveler that wants knowledge of the rich history of a country and happened to be in Kuwait, then you should be heading to one of the best places to do that. This place has [...]