Top 15 Must Visit Beaches in Kuwait

Most people visit Kuwait for work and that’s pretty much it. But did you know that there are several nice beaches in Kuwait you can go to during the weekend or on holidays? In this guide, we list our top 15 picks of the best ones you can go to with your family when you’re here in Kuwait.

Summertime in Kuwait is best enjoyed outdoors, as in anywhere in the world, since temperatures here during the summer months can be quite stifling indoors, especially if you’re not fond of turning the AC on. With this in mind, it would be ideal for you to know which beach spots are best to hang out with friends or family here in Kuwait.

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait

Visit These 15 Beaches in Kuwait

Some people might think that Kuwait, being a country in the Middle East, is nothing but desert and sand.  Not to burst your bubble, but Kuwait, in fact, is situated on the northern border of Eastern Arabia just at the Persian Gulf’s tip. It borders Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Interestingly, Kuwait’s coasts extend approximately 499 km (310 mi). That means there’s plenty of spots you’ll find water, which is a good thing if you’re a holidaymaker looking for a vacation spot on this side of the planet.

So now that you know this fact, let’s take a look at some of the best beaches to visit in Kuwait:

Abu Alhasani Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Mahmud Hasan / Google Maps

Summer months in Kuwait may be physically draining due to the heat, but its beautiful beaches just like this one can breathe life into any person’s weary body. Come by as early as May and enjoy lazing on the sand or enjoying a meal or drink at nearby cafes or restaurants. Of course, if you’re travelling with family, you should definitely check out the offerings in nearby seaside villas. Overall, this place can bring you great experiences even if you only want to clear your mind for a bit or have some fun in the water on a hot summer day.

According to Mahmud Hasan, their experience was quite pleasant, saying: “Quite an open sandy and gradually sloping beach. Very convenient for walking through, passing afternoon or evening time in a relaxed mood. I am yet to experience the full moon night on this beach. But, I guess it would be a fantastic experience to enjoy such a period here. Clear seawater with giant wave during high tide add satisfactory experience in bathing. Spectators or visitors can experience some quality foods or drink a cup of coffee to visit the nearby newly constructed food court.”

Google Map Location:

Al Khiran Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: P.Vinoth Kumar B.Sc., / Google Maps

If you’re in the southern area of Kuwait, you wouldn’t miss this spot and its artificial canals. In fact, if you ask around what the beach capital in the city is, then locals would point you here. And for good reasons: the beach itself has everything that makes up paradise (at least in our minds): fine white sand, palm trees, swimming pools, a barbecue area, and a convenient supermarket you can run to for supplies. And if you’re into scuba diving, jet and water skiing, other than, of course, swimming, then this is the place to be. Conveniently, when you’re hungry, you can just head over the shacks that offer filling snacks and a variety of refreshments. Those who are in the mood for a little trip at sea can hop on a boat ride, and enjoy the magnificent views of the sea.

Google Map Location:

Al Kout Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Lewear Kuwait / Google Maps

When you visit or are in Mangaf, be sure to check out the white sand beach facing the Persian Gulf. Al Kout beach offers lots of family-friendly activities and waterside attractions. You’ll find a soothing sand path that’s also pretty to behold because you’ll be looking across an azure horizon of crystal clear waters. This makes it a popular spot for families with kids. Adults, however, find it relaxing dipping in the pool near the beach on weekends. If you’re looking for a great spot to bring your date, you can certainly take them out here for an Alfresco dinner with a breath-taking view of the sunset by the beach. There’s also a ‘dancing fountain’ where the kids can play and adults can relax their minds.

Google Map Location:

Al Mahboula Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: anish Thomas / Google Maps

Some people go to the beach not particularly for a swim, but if that’s what you want to do then you can head over to Al Mahboula to enjoy clean and clear waters – perfect for swimming. It’s also a great spot for those who wish to bond with their friends or families over a picnic. You’d find this place sprawling with beachgoers on weekends, with most of them going for long walks or a jog while admiring the beautiful sunset. Those who’re up for a good swim will find changing rooms available to them in the area.

Here’s what Md Moniruzzaman Monir thought of their last visit here: “Very nice place. From here you can enjoy the waves of the Arabian Sea.  You can take a bath here if you wish….just wow”

Google Map Location:

Al Oqeila Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Eduardo Marasigan Jr. / Google Maps

Those who are looking for more than just plain relaxation but a lively community to vibe with near the beach will find Al Oqeila beach fitting to the occasion. This is a great spot for those who want to grab a few drinks while watching the sun set. And if you’re also into fun water activities, you can go on surfing or try other water sports offered at the beach. Once you’re ready to fill up for energy, make sure to try the many Kuwaiti cuisines offered in the restaurants near the beach.

Here’s what Eduardo Marasigan Jr. thought of their visit at this spot: “It was a Sunday, first working day here in Kuwait and so we got to experience the beach all by ourselves.

I find the place very relaxing. The entrance fee is 500Fils (half dinar) but 1Dinar on weekends (Friday and Saturday)

There are lodgers who helped us in setting up our picnic spot. Grills, tables and chairs are also available included in the entrance fee. Toilets are justly cleaned. A very picturesque old bridge can be seen in the middle of the beach.

Perfect for family picnic, friends gathering and team building place for colleagues.”

Google Map Location:

Anjafa Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Waleed Al-Ali / Google Maps

If you’re looking for a public beach that’s perfect for picnics, family gatherings, and enjoyable activities for holidaymakers, then head over to Salem Sabah and get ready to cook barbecue and enjoy live music with your family. You can also let the kids play at the playground while you enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenes by the beach or break a sweat in the nearby fitness center.

Here’s what John Njenga Kihuyu thinks about the place during their last visit: “Loved the sea shore, ought to be the calmest place I have ever been to.”

Google Map Location:

Eqaila Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Huda Farhan / Google Map

Looking for a private spot to unwind on a weekend? Head over to Eqaila Beach. This place is well loved for its seaside spot where you can set up a picnic and cook barbecue for a hearty lunch. Along the coast, you’d find a sandy track peppered with pebbles and a rocky bottom. Enjoy long walks through a path adorned with trees and shrubbery. Stay a little longer and get to watch a show at an open theatre. When it’s not too hot, you can let the kids get active in the playground. Aside from the beach, there’s also a pool you can dip in or lazily lounge to beat the summer heat.

Google Map Location:

Fahaheel Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Elvis Benjamin / Google Maps

Are you looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset or the feel of seaside breeze on your face? Then head over to Fahaheel Beach during your free time, and enjoy a relaxing moment with friends or family as you frolick in the waters or casually dine in nearby cafes and restaurants. And don’t forget to take a snap of the beautiful waters and majestic sunset that you’ll never get to experience this close in view elsewhere.

Here’s what Srk Pillai thought about their last visit to this place: “A perfect place to relax, dates palms are well arranged on the both sides of  sidewalks and stones laid to sit and enjoy the beach view. A good  lawn is there to do some yoga or other exercise, really calm and nice place to spend the evening.”

Google Map Location:

Failaka Island Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Ahmed Moustfa / Google Maps

Not feeling the crowd or the hustle and bustle of the city anymore? There’s a perfect spot for you in Failaka Island Beach! It is located in the northern part of the Persian Gulf and taking a ferry is the best way to get to this place. It is also well known for its ancient Greek ruins, camel farms, and the Wanasa beach. You won’t find a place quite like it in Kuwait, as it bears so much history reminiscent of the Iraqi occupation. People come to this place not just to swim, but also to go fishing, boating, sailing, and enjoy water sports.

Here’s what Noor Hamadi thinks of their time here: “Lovely island to spend the weekend at! The wanasa beach is amazing for special occasions ( you need to book a table for 20kd ) it takes about 40-45 min from Marina to the island.”

Google Map Location:

Fintas Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: alvin john Chandra / Google Maps

Going out for a weekend getaway on a budget? Check out this public beach in Kuwait’s urban area. The water is best enjoyed just before sunset. The relaxing ambience by the coastline make it popular for picnics. Tourists can also dig in familiar meals like hotdogs and barbecue while enjoying the scenic view of the Persian Gulf. Looking around, you’ll also find plenty of greeneries as well as a playground for the kids and a gym facility where you can break a sweat for fun.

According to Jawed Eqbal: “Nice place for walking and relaxing, spending  time with family and children neat and clean, less crowded, good walkway, children park here you can see amazing view of sea..!”

Google Map Location:

Hilton Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits:  Hilton Kuwait Resort / Google Map

If you’re all about privacy, then there’s no better place than Hilton Beach for you. Everyone in Kuwait knows this place, so it’s one you should definitely know, too. They have practically all of the amenities you would need by the beach, from swimming pools, gymnasium, spa, water sports, running paths, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops and food beverage stalls. If you’re dreaming of a holiday getaway, this is the ideal place to be.

Here’s what Alireza Majless thought about their experience in this place: “Absolutely beautiful resort. I’ve used the beach and swimming area many times, and it’s always been great. The water in the pool is clean and at a good temperature, with a lifeguard present by the pool for safety, and there is access to the beach as well. There’s also lots of restaurants and cafes present in or around the resort, so you can enjoy those as well by the beach.”

Google Map Location:

Mangaf Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Neelesh Bhagwat / Google Maps

Another city beach that’s worth a visit of you’re in the Southern Suburbs in Kuwait is the Mangaf beach. This place is perfect for those who wish to enjoy the feel of fine sand under their feet while enjoying a drink and the view of clear waters by the beach. This place is well-loved by tourists, and is especially visited between May and October. If you would like to get away somewhere with family or friends, this might just be the perfect spot for you.

Google Maps Location:

Marina Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: أحمد الأحمد / Google Maps

You might not have known any beach near the city, if so, then you should check out Marina Beach that has a great view of Kuwait’s skyline. If this is all new to you, then check out the palms on the sand – that’s something that you wouldn’t really see in any other beaches here in Kuwait. As a city beach, you’ll find most of the things you’ll need for a quick snack or refreshments in nearby marketplaces. There are also restaurants and a playground you can take the kids to for a little fun and games or exercise for adults.

Here’s what Zubayer Hakim thinks of their last trip to this beach: “This is a wonderful beach to hang out with friends and family. There is a big shopping complex adjacent to the beach its name is marina mall. Many restaurants and coffee shops are very close to the place which makes the place more appealing.  Beach is relatively clean and view is stunning. Highly recommend place for beach time.”

Google Map Location:

Messilah Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Job Daniel / Google Maps

Located in Salmiyah, the Messilah beach is a spot that’s well-known for its private resorts. The seafront begins on one side from the famous Kuwait Towers up to Al-Bedaa. Aside from the view of the sea, the sights and greeneries in the area are also something that keep guests coming back to this spot to relax and unwind. There are three large swimming pools, kiddie pools, parks, and green spaces, as well as a restaurant that serves delightful meals and ice cream, among others. Ladies can enjoy their time under the sun in this spot on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The Messilah beach is famous for the traditional dance performances, enjoyed by both the locals and tourists.

Here’s what Ahsan Kabir thinks of the spot: “It’s a great place to spend a day with your family, gossiping and watching crystal clear blue water. Your seating is arranged and there are BBQ facilities as well. As a while, the area is spacious and clean.”

Google Map Location:

Movenpick Beach in Kuwait

Top 15 Beaches to Visit in Kuwait
Credits: Hasheeb P / Google Maps

People love going to the sea for various reasons – some enjoy the cool breeze on their face while others like the beautiful sunsets by the sea. Of course, if you have kids, bringing them along warrants a nice swim or fun by the shore like making sandcastles or collecting seashells. But what’s particularly great about private beaches such as this one aside from the peace and quiet you can have are the facilities offered on-site such as spa and wellness facilities. Even if there’s no holiday or occasion to celebrate, you can certainly enjoy a few hours to yourself just calming your senses and breathing in fresh air, right?

Google Map Location:


1. When is the best time to visit beaches in Kuwait?

Most beaches in Kuwait can be visited at any time of the year, depending on what you want to do there, really. But if you wish to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea at its finest, then consider visiting between May and October.

2. What activities can I expect to enjoy in most beaches in Kuwait?

Every beach in Kuwait caters to different beachgoers, catering to different purposes they may have for visiting. Some beaches here offer activities such as water sports like scuba diving, boating, etc. It’s also common to find play areas for kids, jogging trails, and barbecue/picnic areas where people can casually share a good meal with their group.

3. Are the beaches in Kuwait safe for kids?

Beaches in Kuwait are generally safe for kids. Aside from swimming, kids can find ample activities to enjoy in the sand. Bringing picnic mats and sports are also allowed in most beaches to accommodate families with children. There are also designated play areas for them nearby, but going into the water always requires adult supervision.

4. Am I allowed to drink at the beach in Kuwait?

Drinking in public is NOT allowed in Kuwait. However, there are, of course, some exceptions. You can inquire with the beach resort you’ll visit on whether they allow drinking by the beach. This is typically done in coordination with the nearby cafes or restaurants in the vicinity. Some even rent out their chairs so you can enjoy the sunset with a cold drink in hand. However, bringing your own liquor to drink in beaches (as it is a public area) is strictly prohibited in this country.

5. What am I allowed to wear at the beach in Kuwait?

As you can imagine, public beaches are more restrictive than private resorts, most of which accept Western-style swimwear. However, it is still common to find women even in private resorts wearing full-length burkinis. This is the smart choice, to be safe.


Yes, Kuwait might be more famous for being a top destination for work, but do not be mistaken; it also is a beautiful country. Just check out the beaches enumerated on this list to prove our point. And while summer can’t get any hotter in this country, finding a nice spot by the beach can definitely cool you down. You might even get to make some unforgettable memories!

Indeed, beaches in Kuwait are unlike anywhere in the world. Though you might have some preferences when it comes to beaches, especially from the Philippines (right?), what are your top picks off our list? Have you been to any of the beaches listed above? Tell us your experiences. What were the things that you did when you visited? Any tips you might want to share with other tourists who are new to these places? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the section below. 

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