Filipina Maid Brought to Hospital by Sponsor After Alleged Assault

A Filipino housemaid filed a complaint to the police department after her sponsor allegedly made advances on her when his wife and children were not home.

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Although it was not mentioned how long the molestations have been taking place, it was said that as soon as the wife and the kids went outside, the male sponsor had immediately molested the 32-year-old Filipina domestic helper until she started to bleed, which made him decide to bring her to the hospital to be checked.

Filipina Maid Brought to Hospital by Sponsor After Alleged Assault

Sponsor Brings Maid to Hospital After Allegedly Molesting Her

As per the report by the Arab Times Online, the Filipina’s condition was critical, which is why her male sponsor decided to admit her to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital.

Meanwhile, the sponsor has been referred to the police for a thorough investigation. Also, the Filipina housemaid will be taken to the Forensics Department for examination and to verify if her claims of sexual molestation can be supported by evidence.

According to the housemaid, her sponsor forced himself onto her despite her efforts to stop the serious misconduct. All of these allegedly took place when the male sponsor’s wife and children were not home. 

However, one important aspect of this case was the fact that the employer who is also the primary suspect in the incident, personally brought the Filipina to the hospital to be checked. This could be because the employer got scared that the victim will bleed to death or his conscience may have struck him.

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