List of Public Libraries in Kuwait

If you’re a book lover or interested to hang out somewhere nice (even with kids in tow), then you’d be pleased to know that there are lots of public libraries in Kuwait – 27 to be exact! Whether you want to find a nice book to read or need to seclude yourself from the rest of the world for a couple of hours in your own space, there’s definitely a library in Kuwait where you can do so. 

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In this post, we will share some basic information about Kuwait’s public libraries. If you’ve got some free time in your hands, then consider visiting the nearest public library in your neighborhood. You may use this list for reference and guide. 

List of Public Libraries in Kuwait

Public Libraries to Visit in Kuwait

If you’ve never been to any public library in Kuwait, then you should know that they are mostly located near the coop in residential areas. Also, many of these libraries have both Arabic and English books, magazines, and periodicals and several even have children’s rooms. This makes these places perfect to bring the young ones along!

Most of the facilities are open from 8 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm during the week but are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

That said, all public libraries in Kuwait are open or any visitor regardless of age or nationality. They also have computers though some may be old or not working.

Fun fact: Arabic books are most in-demand in public libraries (as expected), but there is also a small selection of English titles. In fact, at the Khaldiya branch, there are about 23,000 Arabic books and about 3000 English books. 

That said, the most requested books are those regarding Kuwait history and after that, religious books. Readers can also borrow books and take them home to keep for up to two weeks. To borrow a book, they will only have to pay KD 5 for each book as insurance, which is refunded when they return the books.

This means that library-goers will only need to pay KD 5 for each book they borrow, and no other documents will be required from them such as IDs and such – only their basic information and payment for the book insurance. 

Here’s the list of the 27 public libraries you can visit in Kuwait:

Jaber Al Ali Public Library

Address: 104 Rd، Kuwait

Telephone: 2383-0610

Google Map Location: 

Al Jahra Public Library

Telephone: 2455-0827

Google Map Location:

Balkis Al Zuhair Mosque Public Library

Telephone: +96525420812

Google Map Location:

Al Jabriya Public Library 

Telephone: 2532-3061/2/3

Google Map Location:

House of Knowledge Public Library

Address: Hawally, Kuwait

Telephone Number: +96522641125 

Google Map Location:

Khaldiya Public Library

Address: Abdulla Al Khalaf Al Saeed St، Khaldiya، Kuwait

Telephone: 2481-3331

Google Map Location:

Qortoba Public Library

Telephone: 2531-7168

Google Map Location:

Al-Daiya Public Library

Telephone: 2251-5686

Google Map Location:

Salwa Public Library 

Telephone: 2566-7093

Google Maps Location:

Abdulla Zakariya Al Ansari Public Library

Address: 300 Street، Shamiya، Kuwait

Telephone: 2481-8343 

Google Maps Location:

Abdullah Al-Salem Public Library 

Telephone: +96522548878

Google Map Location:

Ardiyah Public Library

Telephone: 2489-2466

Google Map Location:

Abdullah Al-Salem Public Library 

Telephone: 2254-8878

Google Map Location:

Farwaniya Public Library

Address: 29.28048, 47.96050، Habeeb Munawer St, Al Farwaniyah, Kuwait

Telephone: 2472-0570

Google Map Location:

Abdul Aziz Al Sanad Library Public Library

Address: شارع فهد براك الصبيح، Kaifan، Kuwait

Telephone: +96524911317

Google Map Location:

Adaliya Public Library

Address: منزل, 28 Sultan Al Kulaib St, Kuwait

Telephone: 2251-5197

Google Map Location:

Al Fahaheel Public Library  

Address: جمعية الفحيحيل التعاونية، الفحيحيل،، Kuwait 

Telephone: 2391-3810

Google Map Location:

Firdous Public Library

Telephone: 2489-2499

Google Map Location:

Faiha Public Library

Telephone: 2254-0898

Google Map Location: 

Qadsiya Public Library

Address: Abdul Aziz Mohamad Al Duaij St, Kuwait

Telephone: 2251-5298

Google Map Location:

Qurain Public Library – Al-Adan

Telephone: 2542-0812

Google Map Location:

Bayan Public Library

Address: 35 5 Ln, Kuwait

Telephone: 2539-0376

Google Map Location:

Hadiya Public Library

Address: Al Kasai St, Hadiya, Kuwait

Telephone: 2396-7615

Google Map Location:

Yarmouk Public Library 

Address: شارع 2، Yarmouk، Kuwait

Telephone: 2531-6634/7/8

Google Map Location:

Al Salam in South Surra

Address: 418 St, Kuwait

Google Map Location: 

National Library of Kuwait

Address: Qibla, Block 15, Al Ma’arri St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone Number: +96522929827

Google Map Location:

Al-Andalus Public Library and Raqa’i

Address: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rd, Andalous, Kuwait

Google Map Location:

There you have it! Now that you know all the places you can visit in Kuwait where you can do your research, study, or just read a good book, it’ll be much more convenient to go around and do things as you like in the city. 

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