How to Apply for New Connection of Potable Water in Kuwait

If you have or are planning to move into your own residence in Kuwait, aside from applying for electricity or telephone connections, you will also need to apply for a new connection of potable water as part of your basic necessities as a resident here in the Gulf State.

Interestingly, being an arid country situated in the Middle East, Kuwait does not have any renewable sources of water. This being the case, majority of the households in Kuwait depend on underground aquifiers (wells) and desalination of saltwater. As the water and electricity costs are heavily subsidized by the government (about 95%), the price for water which people pay for here in Kuwait at the moment is relatively low. However, due to the increasing urbanization of the state as well as its limited sources of potable water, the demand for water also increases. This prompts the need for legislative actions and planning to solve this glaring dilemma of the country. In this post, we will share the steps on how to request for a new connection of potable water to your household (because as we all know, everyone needs water to survive). Here’s how:

Applying for New Connection of Potable Water and Little Saltwater in Kuwait

The Ministry of Electricity and Water has provided the following information to avail of this service through the Kuwait Government’s Online Portal:


  • A letter of request from the applicant
  • A copy of the residence owner’s valid Civil ID
  • A basic sketch of the residence’s location
  • A list of the estimated work costs
  • A letter of request for the implementation of works


  1. Go to the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Electricity and Water Headquarters and provide all the above-listed requirements.
  2. Completely fill out the service application form available on-site.
  3. Settle the service fee as prescribed by the Department upon application.

When your request for connection has been granted, please be mindful of your use of Kuwait’s water resources as this has become a major issue faced by the citizens and the State in general for several years already. It’s always important to conserve our resources even if we do pay for them as a form of our help to the environment.

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