Al-Madina Al-Tarfihiya: Entertainment City

Planning on another vacation early this year? Include in your list, Kuwait and discover how lovely the place is. Over the years, many tourists have been traveling around the world not only in the famous destinations such as United Kingdom or United States, but also in the Middle East.

Entertainment City, or also referred as Al-Madina Al-Tarfihiya, has become one of the major tourist hot spots in Kuwait. If you are looking for fun and adventure at the same time, this place is perfect for you. It is suitable for all ages because as adults always say, they may not be young physically but young at heart. Who wouldn’t agree?

3 Reasons to Visit Al-Madina Al-Tarfihiya aka “Entertainment City”

Complete range of entertainment for families, friends and children

Opened in March 1984, the Entertainment City has brought smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. It is composed of three theme parks namely, The Arab World, The International World and The Future World. Deemed as the Disneyland of Kuwait, Entertainment City has been giving people a taste of the magical Disney world. Managed by the KTEC (Kuwait Tourist Enterprises Company), Entertainment City houses a slew of fast food stores and cafes as well, to quench your hunger and thirst. Overall, the area is full of green scenery that lets you get in touch with nature. Souvenir shops are also found in specific areas where you can buy other stuff too. The whole family can really have a good time here!

A variety of amazing and adventurous rides

With more than 40 nerve-wracking rides, you must be able to ride not only one, but as many as you can. In the Arab World, you may want to ride Gulf sailing boats, City of Sinbad, and many more. In the International World, you can expect to witness the Australian Gondola, Cowboys Arena, African boats, European cars and others.

In the Future World, you can enjoy the Space Dome, Massive Mixer, Desert Storm, and Arcade Gym games. Plus, there are wireless operated boats, Flying Eagle, and the Invaders in the Provincial Garden. To top it all off, the newest ride, Al-Barq, has brought excitement to the young people. So, if you are up for an adventure, ride all you can.

For those who are not really into it or those who have health conditions, just take at least one or two rides. Avoid taking consecutive rides, especially for those who has motion sickness and other conditions that may be aggravated by the extreme rides. Remember, you are here to have fun!

All in one huge amusement park

Entertainment City is comparable to Disneyland because it gives the same fun and excitement anyone feels upon entering the place. Entertainment City is equipped with a complete package of a mini golf course, landscaped lakes, mosque, and Amphitheatre. Food stalls and shops are also available in the area, but prices may rise here. Of course, the place is great for family bonding so, don’t forget to take photos of the view of the park. Experience and memories never fail to bring you happiness.

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