Salmiya Scientific Center

Looking for whole new experience in Kuwait? Come and visit the Scientific Center in Salmiya, Kuwait. It is considered the center for environmental education in the area. It is famous for its largest aquarium in the Middle East, with a variety of sea creatures. So, for sea lovers out there, this place is perfect for you getaway. It is not only a recreational place, but quite educational as well. Isn’t it fantastic?

5 things to expect in Scientific Center Kuwait

The Aquarium

Due to its humongous size, the aquarium is divided into 3 different sections including animal, plant, and marine environment. First, you will encounter a desert area containing animals mostly found in desert such as snake, hedgehog, and others. Moving on, the coastal portion would surprise you with penguins, seals, fishes and many more. And, of course, the green scenery that keeps you in touch with nature.

Discovery Place

Here, you do not only get to be entertained with the facilities, but you also get to learn from it. This section is equipped with different kinds of interactive games that help enhance your skills. Many activities also enable children to apply what they have learned in school. The exhibit aims to educate children and adults alike, the simplest way of how energy works. What’s great about this place is that it changes its display every 6 months. So, there’s no reason for you not to continuously learn as the years go by.

IMAX Theater

The Scientific Center houses an IMAX Theater with a huge screen. It has the latest media equipment that gives the best quality for the visitors. Educational and documentary films are shown here following a schedule. A 3D film option is also available. By the way, you will be given a choice to watch the films in either Arabic or English. What a great way to watch a great film!

Dhow Harbour

The famous ship, Fateh-El-Khair, can be found in this area. This ship is significant in Kuwait’s history as it is the only remaining sailing Kuwaiti ship from the pre-oil time. Built in 1938, Ali Abdul Rassol lead 18 carpenters to work for the completion of the ship in 60 days. This ship is for the merchant Mohamed and Thunayan Al-Ghanim. Fateh-El-Khair is made of Indian timber that makes it very durable. You can really witness her beauty even from afar. Don’t forget to take photos!

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop has a number of souvenir items for you to choose from. You can select from shirts, hats, socks, jackets suitable for all ages. For children, plush toys, science toys, puzzles, and not to mention more toys are available. Of course, educational books and DVDs can be bought at a reasonable price. Other school supplies such as ballpens, notebooks, rulers, erasers and others are found in the shop.

With all these souvenir items and lovely delights, who can forget the wonderful Scientific Center in Kuwait? It brings you closer to the experience and memories engulfed with the items. So, visit the Scientific Center in Kuwait now!

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